Bloom: An Experiment in Sound Design
35.3meg, MPEG-1, TRT=4:54
An experiment in sound design, this video
demonstrates skillful editing and mixing of music,
sound effects and narration against a background
of vintage Defense Department footage.
The result is a powerful artistic statement
of the persistent threat of nuclear weapons.
Cayuga Park
Created for for a documentary I am producing,
this short trailer demonstrates versatility
in the field as well as the edit room.
With no budget and plenty of hard work,
an unlikely Eden is revealed.

Cayuga Park
17.7meg, MPEG-1, TRT=2:26

Gone With the Wind Trailer
4.4meg, MPEG-1, TRT=0:48
Gone With The Wind
This trailer targets a well known story toward
a more modern audience.
All music, dialogue, and sound effect elements
were lifted from the original film's single soundtrack,
and seamlessly re-mixed to accomodate the new voiceover.
Total Performance
A short corporate identity piece,
created for Space Systems/Loral,
that has received numerous awards.

Total Performance
7.9meg, MPEG-1, TRT=1:27

Mr. President
15.2meg, MPEG-1, Stereo, TRT=2:50
Mr. President
(Have pity on the working man.)

Constructed entirely in After Effects from flat art,
with a few sound effects added, this faux 'music
video' is a personal visual interpretation of
Randy Newman's humorous and poignant song.
Open Animation
This opener for my demo reel
was created in After Effects
from elements of my business card
... and a piece of bubble wrap.

Open Animation
2.4meg, MPEG-1, Stereo, TRT=0:20

10.5meg, MPEG-1, TRT=1:55
Abrupt editing and chaotic, multi-layered audio
enhance this award-winning re-enactment
of an armed bank robbery.
WARNING: Contains harsh language and some violence.